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BK Plus Lab System Main Components
image of the BK Plus System
The first time you turn the BK Plus Lab System on, it returns the favor!

Visionary Digital™ SolMate™
image of P51 Camera Lift
P-51 CamLift
The BK Plus Lab System is quite simply the world's finest digital imaging system in its magnification range. It has set the standard for all others to meet.

We at Visionary Digital are very proud to be able to produce these extremely high quality digital imaging systems. Each system is hand crafted to the customers exacting specifications and rigorously tested prior to leaving our facilities.

The design concept of the new BK plus system was to build an all inclusive digital imaging system that will consistently deliver the very highest quality images with speed and ease and a far greater range than any other macro imaging system. The horizontal field of view of the standard system can range from 0.80 mm to 750.0 mm with a combination of resolution and depth of field not possible on any other commercially available system at any cost.

We are so confident in the ability of our new systems we invite you to contact us and arrange to send us samples of your most difficult imaging scenarios. We will not sell you a system unless it meets or exceeds your imaging needs.

image of Computer System

Visionary Digital™ Computer System

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